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Hi everyone!

Click here to get to the typing website. Login using Google.

Have fun and try your very best NOT to look at your hands!

Now try out Incredibox by clicking here

Hello all,

click here to get to the change making game. After one time playing with the “Show Change Amount”set to “Yes” please play with it set to “No”.

click here to get to the edmodo site

copy and paste the code below to join the group:


You can find the link to “Probability Fair” in the list on the right of this page.

Here is the link to Card Sharks (the lower or higher game)

Then you can play Prodigy. I’ve assigned a bunch of probability questions. Enjoy!

Click here to try the new algebra activity. Work your way through the levels.

Try this one here to learn how to findĀ open sentences to represent word problems.

Try this one here to write your own open sentences to match the word problem.

and click here for still more!

visit this site to view the animations to help with the Energy Transformation worksheet

go here to explore energy transformations some more

finally click here to defend the high school dance from vampires. . . .


Hey kiddos,

Click here to compose music by clicking on the squares. DO NOT click on the Add Drums button – it makes you download something and gets very complicated.

After 5 -10 minutes of this, you can go to incredibox and create!


Have fun!


Can you tell which one was played on the floor with one boomwhacker, and which was played with 2 boomwhackers, standing up?

Click here to learn more about the expedition featured in Eric Walter’s book, Trapped in Ice.