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here are some questions from the textbook website too

and the one we did on Thursday Feb 23 is here


Measurement activities:

conversion match up

centimetre ruler activity

measuring length in cm – with decimals – tricky!


Science videos:

What is air made of?

How Heavy is Air?



cbc radio program about Nutrition info click here 

Today you are going to Build a Galaxy!!!

remember – if you get stuck, look at the help information on the right and TRY SOME STUFF!

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watch the performance here

learn the steps here 

watch the outside dance here 


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try this site for some of your math homework activities. Leave a comment and let me know if it’s any good!

Remember we are working on Data right now. The Frequency Diagrams game under Data Handling is a pretty fun way to review types of graphs.

Hey everyone,

Once you are in your google account, please go to Google Classroom and try to join the class using this code:


Best to highlight it, right click to copy, then right click in Google Classroom to paste it.

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Oh and if you are looking for the link to Noodle Bridges, it is in a post from November 2015. Go to the archives and click on that month. Have fun!


click here for the Pax trailer

click here for the fox activity

click here for the Padlet to share your thoughts.

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