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Hey everyone,

Once you are in your google account, please go to Google Classroom and try to join the class using this code:


Best to highlight it, right click to copy, then right click in Google Classroom to paste it.

You can also try following THIS link.

Fingers crossed that this works! 🙂

Oh and if you are looking for the link to Noodle Bridges, it is in a post from November 2015. Go to the archives and click on that month. Have fun!


click here for the Pax trailer

click here for the fox activity

click here for the Padlet to share your thoughts.

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Try this game to practice expanded form.

Try this math activity for sorting big numbers. It’s a little tricky because they didn’t put spaces or commas to separate the thousands.

Try this game to practice making large numbers.


Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a great summer and are really for another fun year in the basement at EK!

This year there is no school supply list for you to shop with, because the school is supplying everything. You can show up on the first day with just your lunch and backpack and we will give you what you need. The only thing I’d like you to try and bring is a deck of cards. If you can’t get one by the end of the first week I will get you one, but I thought you’d like the chance to bring in your own fancy deck (the dollar store has a few Zombie ones!).

Our room number has changed from G01 to 031, but I know I will be calling it G01 for a long time!

I will come out and meet you on the playground on the first day – see you then!!!