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Hello Fantasticos!

For your math homework, please try these quizzes about estimating, sums and differences.


Grade 5s : careful, question #1 is up beside the chart.

Grade 4s




Hey kids,

So here’s something GREAT! The people at Student Vote have some new videos for us. Kids asked questions for party leaders to answer, and the videos of their answers are posted on YouTube! I’ll just copy the email I received and you can click the links yourselves. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

“We are delighted to share a new resource that you can use to introduce your students to the parties and their leaders in preparation for Student Vote Day.
We invited students to submit questions to the party leaders and shared them with each of the federal political parties.

As of this morning, we have received video responses from thirteen of the party leaders, including Justin Trudeau (Liberal) and Elizabeth May (Green). We continue to pursue responses from Stephen Harper (Conservative) and Thomas Mulcair (NDP), and we will post those as soon as we receive them.

The questions touch on important election issues like refugees, the environment, leadership, the economy and taxes. The responses provide great insight into what each party stands for and their long-term goals for Canada.

You can access the videos now on our YouTube channel:

Question 1 –

Question 2 –

Question 3 –

Question 4 –

Question 5 —

All responses have also been organized by party, and those playlists are available on our YouTube channel:

Please let us know if you have any questions about the videos, or about your Student Vote Day.

On behalf of the CIVIX team”

Here’s the link to that great website, Pollenize:

Enjoy! Great to compare platforms on different issues.

Be sure to thank Mme Kohler for sharing this site with me, so I could share it with you!