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Hey kiddos, especially Grade 5 kiddos –

If you ever want to catch up on some of the social studies vidoes and power points we’ve been watching, you can find them atĀ

Click on Educational Tools and you should see the videos up top. If you want to watch slide shows, stick with the Elementary/Intermediate ones.


Hi Kids,

We’re going to try using an online idea sharing site called Edmodo. This is my first year doing it, so we will be learning it together.

Please go to the Edmodo site by clicking hereĀ . When you get there, click “I am a student” to set up your account.

Our class code is pc3qva (you should copy that so you can paste it in where it asks for class code.

I’ve assigned an easy question to answer to get us started.

Let me know how it goes! Have Fun!

Hello all!

Now that we have officially finished a full 5 day cycle in our shiny new year, here are some student reflections on how the first week went.

I asked “What was the best part of your first week?” There were a few duplicate answers, but I hope you see your ideas in the list. Parents, can you guess what YOUR G01 student wrote?


  • the first day
  • I’m looking forward to math
  • seeing friends again
  • when we did government
  • it was good
  • seeing old friends and teachers was awesome
  • I liked social studies a lot!
  • the first day of school because there was no math
  • being a grade 5!
  • the best part of my week was when we played the card game
  • learning new ways to learn things
  • finding Gary!
  • I am very excited for social studies
  • recess, friends and the teacher
  • the art project
  • the cartoon work
  • being happy
  • I love french
  • I like everything!


Hello students and families!

Welcome to another great year at Earl Kitchener. I know every teacher says “I’m so excited to get to work with you this year” or something along those lines. But the fact is, it’s true! Teachers get just as excited/nervous/giddy about meeting their class on the first day as the students. I hope this year will be full of learning, surprises and most of all fun!