First Trip to the Art Gallery!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We had a very successful trip to the Art Gallery of Hamilton today. It was a little drizzly, but nothing we couldn’t handle. The students all created really great looking paintings after touring the stunning exhibit on William Blair Bruce. Many thanks to our volunteers for coming with us. Please enjoy the beautiful photos, courtesy of Mrs. Koop!


G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_038[1] G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_039[1] G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_032[1] G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_030[1] G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_029[1] G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_024[1] G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_023[1] G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_013[1] G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_011[1] G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_008[1]G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_028[1]G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_022[1]G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_001[1]G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_010[1]G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_015[1]G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_014[1]G01ArtGallery2014Oct1_002[1]


  1. ethan says:

    first trip ok

  2. jmatthew says:

    Thanks Cathy! I will post photos of the paintings too when we get them.

  3. Cathy Koop says:

    It was great to see how all of the kids were inspired by viewing the gallery. They created some good stuff!

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