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Hello my little lambs,

Here is the link to the learning styles quiz on kidzmet.

Your school number is 262. The student number and password are the same – the 4 digit number I gave you.

Remember – there are NO right and wrong answers. Just click how you truly feel about each activity. Try not to click the question mark too many times – ask for clarification instead. The more I know about activities you enjoy, the more fun and interesting I can make school for you!

So be honest and have fun!

Hello G01, I’ve added those two money activities we did in class today. Find them under “math links” over there on the right. One is “Coin combo game” and “making money amounts”.

Enjoy! And yes, you can play these for your math homework on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Just be sure to write it down!

Great work building your noodle tower, G01. So many interesting designs! Good use of your science knowledge too.

Hooray for trusses!


IMG_3250 IMG_3251 IMG_3252 IMG_3253 IMG_3255 IMG_3256 IMG_3257 IMG_3258 IMG_3259 IMG_3260 IMG_3261 IMG_3262 IMG_3263 IMG_3264 IMG_3265 IMG_3266

Great day today at the Ancaster Fairgrounds learning all about Active Recess. More info will follow as we get the program implemented. The Grade 5s of G01 are excited for this leadership opportunity. Once fully trained, they will be teaching and guiding younger students in games at recess that keep everyone active and involved. Lots of fun!












Bonjour music friends from room 105!

Here is the link to the video we’ve been working with in music class. Enjoy!

Check out other videos by Normal McLaren on YouTube. He did some great stuff with matching animation to music. If you find one you think I should show the class, leave a comment!