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Hey kiddos – After much work, the Incredibox to match this is ready! The link should be over there on the right, top of the list. You come in on bar 5, after the deep bass line (first guy) stops singing. I decided to give you double the dance time in between verses; just be ready when it’s time to speak again! 🙂

The Greeks had lots of awesome gods

They lived on Mount Olympus

They sacrificed to please their Gods

And worshipped them in temples


Snowless winter, what a bummer

But it’s really hot in summer

There’s not much vegetation

cuz there’s no precipitation


Athens made democracy

So most people could vote

If born in Athens- Yes!

If you’re a woman – Nope!


They used insects to dye their cloth

And make their togas pretty

They fished for food in the Black Sea

And brought it to the city


Doctors used sharp instruments

Made from bronze and iron

Surgery was very tough

And most patients were dyin’


They made the Olympic Games

So we know they’re very old

Fitness was important so

They sculpted Zeus in gold