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Thank you everyone for a fun-filled last day of 2012 @ EK! So many delicious treats, lovely gifts and still more dancing! Many teachers told me how impressed they were with the talents of G01 students, so well done, all of you! And thank you everyone for being so kind and helpful to my sick little Beatrice. She didn’t want to leave!
I hope you all have a very fun and relaxing vacation. If you are going through learning withdrawal, remember: life will be easier when you know you times tables!!! 🙂
See you all in the shiny fresh new year in January.
Love, Mrs Matthews

Enjoy the grand performance from today’s holiday concert. Well done, kids! So proud of all your hard work and practice!

More dancing! You’d think that’s all we ever do  . . .


Hey there kids! Hope this link works to help you practice for Tuesday.

Thanks again to Michael, Vivi, and Hannah for helping out (and for all the other kids who volunteered too!)