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Check out the incredible piece of art made as a group by students in G01! You can make a bid to own this and many other works by classes at EK during the Art Auction taking place during Open House on May 3rd. Proceeds will be going to the Arts fund at the school.

Hope to see you there!

Create two different magazine ads for the same product

One ad should appeal to girls, the other to boys

Change the image (picture) and the words

The product and logo must stay the same in both ads

Homework for Wed April 11th: Write a museum-type ‘blurb’ describing the Egyptian person you drew in art class last week. Describe the picture and explain the significance of any objects you included (think: how does it depict daily life in ancient Egypt?). You should also include some information about HOW people were drawn in Egypt.

See the photos below for a reminder of what you created!




Dear parents,

I hope you enjoy reading the “diary of a new Canadian” that your child made. We worked on these for a loooooooooong time. Please be aware that spelling and punctuation (proofreading) was NOT a focus in the assignment. Instruction focused on planning, drafting, and revising writing, and incorporating social studies knowledge. We will be focusing on proofreading in the weeks to come.

Please sign the agenda when you’ve had a look at the diary and feel free to leave a comment in the agenda or on this blog!

Go to

Click on the “create” tab at the top of the page.

Choose at least 15 key words from your play and type them. Choose your words carefully! They could be important names, places, objects or feelings. Your goal is to use words that you think help shape the story in your myth.