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I am officially the supreme virus magnet. I have been completely silenced by laryngitis! (stop cheering). Wish I could be there with you all but have been forbidden to speak by my doctor. Also I would hate to pass this on to any of you. Be kind to your guest teachers, as I know you will.

Missing you again and see you soon!

Mrs. Matthews

So, kids, even though some of you may enjoy looking like a Sith Lord /underfed vampire like I do right now, this type of pink eye (epidemic keratoconjunctivitis) also makes you feel terrible and is very contagious. Sorry to miss another day with you and hope to be back Monday! Enjoy the Horrible Histories link in the post below. If you finish the Egypt one, explore the others. Have a good day!


Mrs Matthews

after the ‘ratty’ intro, go to the Egypt game first.

Leave a comment, let me know how you did!    On this one, try Find Grampy, Cookies for Grampy, and Find Grammy


VERY! You’ve likely heard about our super fantastic Smart Board that just got mounted in our room this week. A Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard. Whatever is on my laptop computer gets projected onto the wall-mounted screen. You can then use a finger as a mouse to manipulate text, images, files and a pop-up keyboard on the huge board. It has special pens that can write in different colours and thicknesses, even rainbows and stars. We’re using it in every subject! Today in art, for example, we were working on point of view & perspective, specifically drawings of cities from a bird’s eye view. I was able to project a photo of a city from above, trace the outlines of the streets and buildings in different colours, then make the photo disappear and reappear to emphasize how to draw the lines that make the buildings. It truly is an amazing piece of technology – please pop in any time to see it in action!

Gee, I’m a tree! (Ge-om-e-try) Best math joke ever.

Here are some photos of the kids getting down and dirty in our geometry unit, sorting polygons and using the school netbooks to measure angles with online protractors. Good times!