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Enjoy! click on the Livescribe link below to see the pencast. Make sure to click on “full screen”.
PS at abut 3:30 in the “show” I make a mistake. 10 tokens to any student who catches it.

Good Things Happening in G01


Wasn't this a nice surprise the kids left me on the whiteboard after lunch?

Dear Parents,

I hope a happy and restful holiday was enjoyed by all. Doesn’t it seem like a distant memory already? I’m so proud of the great job the kids did on the dance at the holiday concert and in the flash mob. If anyone missed it, or just want to relive the fun, videos of both dances can be seen below, on this website.

Last week, all grade 5 students completed training for our Peer Mediation Program at Earl Kitchener. Peer Mediation is a method of dealing with playground problems by using student intervention. The program has been applied successfully in rural and urban, primary, middle and secondary schools with students from a wide range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Students act as mediators in order to help their peers solve problems which arise during recess. Four pairs of mediators will be on duty during the first nutrition break only (10:30 to 10:50). Only Grade 5 students will be invited to participate. Please see students’ (upcoming) homework sheets for more information. As part of their homework this week, students are writing a paragraph about why they would or would not like to participate in the program. This paragraph requires parental signature.

We have several exciting events on the horizon!

1) The grade 5 volleyball team will be playing a game against teachers on Friday January 20, from 12:50-1:30. All Grade 5’s are invited to attend and need to bring in a canned good or non-perishable feed to be admitted.

2) We’ll be visiting the Art Gallery again on Wednesday February 8, 9:30-12:00 (I welcome any and all volunteers; many thanks to Jacob’s mom and aunt, and Michael’s mom for accompanying us the first two times).

3) The third exciting event the Grade 5 team has planned to take place at the end of the month is the Director’s Cut Workshop. On February 1st,  a team of special videographers will visit our classroom to film a short dramatic production (‘movie’) composed by students who will have written their own scripts and created their own sets for characters they have fashioned from clay. This ‘Claymation’ workshop also includes a trip to Silver City in May to see the Top 20 movies produced by students city-wide. This workshop is designed to promote the following social and academic skills:
• Social Collaboration
• Digital Media Literacy
• Story Plot and Development
• Social Meaning and Critical Thought
• Digital Story Telling
• Technology
• Arts, Music and Drama

The Directors Cut Workshop requests a fee of $21.00 from each student. Cheques can be made payable to Earl Kitchener School. (Our trip to Silver City may eventually also include a small fee for the bus. Details to follow at a later date.) More information on this program, as well as the permission slip to be signed will be coming home soon.

In between these events, we are making our way through other areas of the Grade 5 Curriculum! In Math, we are officially off track from our yearly plan I posted, but are humming along. We will be completing 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication soon. Please see the website for a demonstration video on using open arrays to multiply. Next we’ll be moving into a unit on measurement (calculating area and choosing appropriate measurement units). For Social Studies, we are almost finished the “Diary of a New Canadian”. In Science students are learning about states of matter and physical / chemical changes. Ask about our sad little raisin experiment! In Health and Drama we’re working on ways to deal with difficult social situations, and using body language and facial expressions to express feelings and attitudes. In language, we’ve been working for a long time on summarizing and finding important ideas. We’ve started to work on use strategies to monitor comprehension. There are lots of ways to solve the “I don’t get this!” problem while reading. Students are working on paying attention to those moments when they’re reading and find their eyebrows scrunching in confusion, they should STOP and use a strategy to try to independently fix their understanding (reread, make a connection, stop and think about how the details work together, ask questions and try to answer them, use clues to make an inference).

We continue to have our weekly class meetings, where we give compliments, share concerns and try to problem solve (and play the occasional game). Please ask your son or daughter about these meetings. It’s a highlight of the week for us!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with your questions or concerns.

A big thank you for all your continuing support!

Mrs (Jen) Matthews


Look at the sweet little duckies, all in a row! 🙂

Hello students and families,

Here is a quick demo of how to multiply using an open array. I’ve tried to cram 3 days of lessons into a 5 minute demo, so hopefully it makes sense!
Enjoy –

Jen M p. 1
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