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Here is the shadow play that will be silently projected behind the class as they read Monster Mash at the school assembly next week. Practice as much as your little heart desires, everyone!

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A quick video of the G01 kids having fun dancing during our Daily Physical Activity. Each student takes a turn leading their group in dance moves. Good times!

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Hello families,

Please see the link in the menu above to get a better understanding of what Readers’ Theatre is all about. You’ll notice a change to the homework sheet. I’m afraid it may be a little confusing, so I thought I’d clarify. The students are to read their practice text 3 times during the course of a week. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a math day, a writing day or a reading day. 2 days a week they will read it out loud to themselves (honour system!) and 1 day a week they will read it to someone.

A sample homework page may look like this:

Day? Monday         To Self _ X_   To Someone? __ who? _____________

Day? Wednesday   To Self _ X_   To Someone? __ who? _____________

Day? Friday            To Self ___   To Someone? _X_ who? my mom

Please ask any questions if this is unclear in any way. The goal is for students to read with expression and at a pace that matches the mood of the piece.

To hear this week’s selection read dramatically, visit the Hamilton Public Library site below and follow the link to get to Tumblebooks (scroll down and it’s on the right). Search for “Monster Mash”. Have fun!






Really great masks made by G01 students. They really worked hard on these, and everyone who finished volunteered to help those who needed it. Well done!

Hi everyone, Hope to see you all at Fright Night tomorrow!

Your Grade 5er brought home another package of math worksheets tonight. These should last about a month. Please do not do them all at once! The intention is that they can pick and choose which sheet they’d like to do, IF they feel like doing a worksheet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Just record the title of the sheet, or alternately, the name of the website or game played if that’s what was chosen for math practice. PLEASE contact me with any questions, or if there are any concerns about how long homework is taking etc.

And for the record, the random, cuckoo words for this weekend’s story were generated by the students. Although, to be fair, they didn’t know they’d have to put them in a story when they came up with them! 🙂 About the story, it is completely ok to type it on a computer; just print it and attach it to the regular homework sheet. Be warned: when a story is typed, it comes out much shorter looking than when it is hand-written. Kids are often disappointed with how ‘little’ it looks. As long as the story has a beginning, middle and end, and shows some attempt at an organized narrative, great!

Have a good weekend!

GREAT breakfast party today – I love doing fun things for fantastic kids! They were all very helpful, and most importantly, very polite. I believe each student said ‘Thank You’! Lovely!

OK, I may be overdoing it on the pictures lately, but Wow! Did these kids ever work hard on their towers. Don’t they look great? So proud. . .

(and kids, don’t worry if your head seems cut off; when you click on it, you’ll be “re-headed”!)





The students of G01 had a great time last week making a HUGE mural together. The theme was “School Climate” and we talked about what we wanted our school to be like.  They did a great job creating a beautiful, colourful painting full of their ideas. They presented it at an assembly, and got many “oohs” and “aahs” from the little ones. You can see the mural hanging way up high in the front hall on the main floor, right across from the library. Well done, kids! And yes, it’s noisy, but productive 🙂

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And here they are at the assembly. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

it took a while for me to figure out how to add pictures, but here are some of our proud bridge makers from the third week of September. Pictures of their fabulous tower projects should be up tomorrow.