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Hello families,

You’ll notice your Grade 5-er brought home their plan for their science project this weekend. This is just to show you and discuss with you. It’s ok to give them feedback or suggestions for materials to use. They’ve been sharing ideas in groups and looking up ideas on the web: as long as they can explain how forces (tension, compression, gravity) act on their tower, that’s fine. Remember: No $! We will be building on Monday, so any materials they are using from home need to come to school on Monday ALONG WITH THE PLAN.

Have a great weekend!

Wow! What a fantastic trip this morning! I must say this class is one of the best behaved groups of young people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They were all respectful on the way to and from the gallery, quiet and attentive in the gallery, and active participants in the painting activity. They were also patient with our late start and didn’t complain about the break-neck walking pace we used to make up time.
Well done, G01! Already looking forward to the next one!

First of all, thank you to all of you who came out to Meet the Teacher last Thursday. It was a fun night and I enjoyed meeting everyone who came out!
If you look at the top of this page, you’ll see a new heading called “Math Plans”. There you’ll find our math program laid out for the year. (You can enlarge each term’s plans by clicking on them.) I will try to stick to this plan as closely as possible, but will be adjusting time-lines as I find we need more or less time to understand concepts. This plan should prove helpful as students do their Tuesday and Thursday math practice at home, so you’ll have a better idea what we’re working on. You’ll also have a better idea of what math concepts are coming up and when.
Enjoy! Please feel free to ask questions as comments in this blog, or send me an email.

We’ve started learning about money this week; counting, regrouping and figuring out change. We’re working with a fast food menu to calculate costs and change. If you see chances for your child to practice counting change, figuring out prices, please encourage them to do so!

Finally! We’ve got our weekly schedule all worked out. I’ve posted it as a permanent link in the menu above so you can always get to it. It looks very tiny, but click on the schedule and it should become more readable! Everyone will receive a paper copy as well. You may notice there is only one official computer period – I will be snatching up extra time to work in the computer lab as we need it (typing, research, blogging etc).

There have been some questions lately about the homework program, in particular the math worksheets. Just to clarify: on Tuesdays and Thursdays, students do 15 – 20 minutes of whatever kind of math practice they choose. It could be a worksheet (or 2), math snap, or a visiting a math website. All I want to see is a record of the activity or skill they practiced, written on their homework sheet. I don’t need to see any worksheets. The package of sheets I sent home should last quite a while! They do NOT have to be completed this week!!!! Apologies to any confusion and marathon math sessions this might have caused.

2 of G01’s students reflect on their first week in grade 5.




September newsletter coming soon. I’m waiting till we’re able to book our library and computer times so I can share a weekly schedule.

Hello G01 friends and families!

I thought you might like to see what our classroom looks like (without the kids). You can get a better idea of what’s in the room and our daily routines.  Enjoy!

Mrs Matthews

Wow, what a fantastic first day in G01. During our busy first day, we:

  • got our books labeled and put away
  • had a french lesson
  • practiced lining up and moving through the school
  • played a (short) game
  • went to an assembly
  • wrote thoughts about the new year
  • worked on a math review
  • started an ‘all about me’ page, with gorgeous colour photos of each student
  • talked about respect and what good listening means


  • even had some free time on the playground.

Phew!!! Great day. I have a feeling this is going to be an excellent year!